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What is Vimeo?

Jawed Karim and Roel Vertegaal founded Vimeo in 2006 as a video hosting and sharing service. You can upload, share, and watch videos on Vimeo with friends and family. Sharing videos on social media, embedding them on websites, or downloading them as MP4s lets you watch them offline. Vimeo is available on both desktop and mobile devices (via the Vimeo website and vimeo app).

How to Download From Vimeo?

vimeo downloader

Online Vimeo Video Downloader

Download Vimeo video from the website or save Vimeo video easily with our vimeo downloader tool. You need to follow just 5 steps:

Step 1: Open the Vimeo video post if you are using a desktop or laptop. And press the link. Or, if you’re watching the video with the app, press 3 dots on the right side after the video title and press the share button. If you have a Twitter app on your phone, it becomes easy to tweet on the Twitter app, and the link will appear.

Step 2: Copy the link.

Step 3: Open your browser and type “” website.

Step 4: Paste the link in the box and press the start button on the right side.

Step 5: A window will open with Vimeo to mp4 format, choose your preferred resolution, and hit download. Video will automatically save to your file device.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

You can download Vimeo videos easily with our online Vimeo downloader tool software. Just follow the steps described above.

No, Vimeo will only track you as a regular video viewer. If you use our Vimeo downloader tools website, then downloading becomes easy.
Using the Vimeo downloader is relatively easy; copy the link of your favorite video and paste the link to our website, wait 2 seconds, and the download option will appear.
You need only 3 steps to make the video downloadable on Vimeo.
Step 1: Open the video you want to downloadable.
Step 2: Press the 3 dots on the right side of your video.
Step 3: Go to video settings and press the allow downloads options. The free version disables this option. You need to plus membership.
Most of the downloaders don’t work. They only download the low-resolution video for you. You will fall in love with our vimeo downloader tool after using it just once.

Vimeo allows downloads for plus members. There are no options for free users. However, Vimeo doesn’t allow you to download random videos. It only will enable you to download with a sharable Vimeo download link. If you want to download the video, you need to use a downloader app or visit downloader websites. Our tool helps you download a vimeo video free in just a few steps.

Open the video you want. And press the share symbol. If you get the copy link option, copy it or tweet the link. After the Twitter app opens with the Vimeo link, copy the link. Open our vimeo downloader online website, paste the link in the box area, and hit the start button. After that, you will see a download box with a different video format. Download the one you like. It’ll save on your iPhone storage.

No one will know if you download someone’s Vimeo video. You can save Vimeo videos safely and use them anytime you like.
Use site to easily backup Vimeo videos. Just paste the link and get started.
Downloading Vimeo videos is easy with our tool. Copy the vimeo video link/URL. For copying the link, you may follow our copying steps above. Then paste the link/URL in the tool. And hit download to save your favorite video in an Mp4 format.
For saving directly from Vimeo, there are two ways. Let’s talk about the hard one with an external app. Nowadays, most apps are not trustable.
There may be hidden malware besides the app if you download the app from an unknown app website. But finding the workable one from the play store is quite challenging. There are lots of apps claiming vimeo video downloader app. You need to check each one which gives you the best result.
Now let’s talk about the easy process. You only need the link to the video you want. Open the browser of your device, type, paste the link in the box, and hit start to download Vimeo to the mp4 resolution you want. Go for the easy process and save your time.
Safe way to download Vimeo videos with a trustable app or downloader website. But finding the genuine one is tricky. Use a downloader website like vimeo downloader tools for saving Vimeo mp4 format.
  1. You do not need to download any vimeo video downloader chrome extension or apps for downloading or saving the Vimeo videos.
2. The download is fast and secure.
Our vimeo downloader tool is entirely legit.

Our vimeo downloader tool is entirely safe and easy to use. You can bookmark this site for regular use.

You can download a Vimeo video with this vimeo downloader tool as many times as possible. This tool is entirely free.

Yes, you can download thumbnails from vimeo but not with vimeo downloader tool. Just search google for vimeo thumbnail downloader to get the right website.

This tool allows users to download Vimeo videos as MP4 files. You can use this vimeo downloader sas software as many time as you want completely free.


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